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Welcome to Perennial Wellness!

We specialize in providing results to clients' with a range of issues: chronic pain, lymphedema, tense muscles or just needing to relax from life!

If you're looking for a dedicated body work practitioner, providing results with detail and care, book your appointment today!

Proudly serving: Stanton, Edmore, Sheridan, Sidney, Crystal, Six Lakes, Lakeview, Greenville, Carson City, St. Louis, Alma, Ithaca, Belding, Ionia, St Johns, Mt. Pleasant and more!


218 E Main St

Stanton, MI 48888


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office # 616.788.3274

Melissa: 616.821.5266


Mon - Thu 8 AM - 7 PM 

Friday 8 AM - 4 PM

Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM

Sun 8 AM -5 PM


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