Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring 

                                                           Melissa Williams

                                                               LMT, CNHP


Since 2009 Melissa has been a massage therapist. She received her certificate as a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2011. With her love for learning she has received certification in Manual lymph Drainage, Reflexology, Cupping, Facial Cupping, Hot Stone modalities, CranioSacral, Gua Sha,Thai Massage, Hanna Kroger and many more techniques to equip her for a well rounded approach to tackle your issue.

Owning and operating Perennial Wellness, Melissa takes time and care for each person honoring and respecting their needs and concerns. In doing so her clients leave balanced and without pain, feeling                                                                       refreshed and relaxed.

                                                             She customizes the massage to your need and desired outcome while recommending tips to help you                                                                     physically and emotionally.

                                                             Heather Dexter

                                        Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Doula, CBE 

Heather Dexter graduated from NITE with her Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor Degree in 2013. She is a Natural Childbirth Educator, a Holistic Doula, and a mother of three beautiful people. 

Heather enjoys assisting clients in finding their truth, by making well-researched decisions. “I work with clients in a one on one setting to walk them through a completely natural program that will assist them in regaining balance in their body in order to eliminate any ailments they may have. I love seeing clients heal                                                                     themselves with natural remedies.”

                                                                Jennifer Long


Jen has been a massage therapist her whole life. She got her start at 5 yrs old working on her father's problematic back and at 19 graduated from the massage therapy program at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt Pleasant in 2003. "I think the desire to be a massage therapist has always been in me." She's passionate about helping others feel well on and off the massage table and helping them find multiple ways to manage stress.

She and her husband enjoy mt. biking, camping, traveling, gardening, and cooking together. They always bring their sense of adventure and their Australian Shepherd, Love, wherever they go.

                                                          Patty Kersjes

                                                  LMT & Esthetician

Patty provides facials, permanent hair removal, non-surgical face lift, diminishing of spider veins, fine lines, rosacea, skin tones, dark spots, liver spots, scar tissue and much more!

                                                       Kathy Tissue

                                                  Office Manager

Pod Sauna Red Light Therapy Specialist, Ionic Foot Bath Detox and PEMF Therapy Practitioner


Kathy will be greeting you with her beautiful smile and joy to help. Kathy will also be assisting you in your Pod Sauna Red Light Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath and PEMF Thearpy services, and purchasing items from our retail stock.

                                                    Melody Huddle

                                              Massage Therapist

Melody is a caring massage therapist that enjoys helping clients. Melody provides pain relief and relaxation massage, along with reflexology.

                                               Molly Kennedy 

                                      Office Support Assistant

Molly will be assisting you in your Pod Sauna Red Light Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath and PEMF Thearpy services. And greeting you with her warm, happy soul.

                                                          Andrea Defranco 

                             Esthetician, Cosmetologists, Bodywork Practitioner

Andrea is an incredibly sweet person with a passion for helping others. 

Andrea provides pedicures, facials, waxing, Chakra balancing sessions, and chakra hormone balancing sessions.