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Join Julie Sullivan and Perennial Wellness learning to make your own old fashioned lye soap. Knowing how to make your own soap is perfect for personal use or a wonderful gift!

You will learn the basics of soap making and a little history giving you the skills to replicate it at your own home. You will make about two pounds of soap, which is about 12 bars to take with you the day of.

All materials will be included.

We ask you to bring a box, for your soap mold, approximately 9" x 9"or 8" x 9" (free) OR 3" x 12" pvc tube (available at hardware stores for about $2).

We encourage you to bring an apron. If you have a stick (immersion) blender you may bring it to make the job easier. Julie will have some, extras are always nice.

This is a fantastic price for a soap making class. Buying 12 bars of similar soap ranges from $36 - $48. You receive 12 bars, the skills to make your own and all the ingredients and materials are included!

October, 23 2016 @ 3 - 6 PM

Cost; $36 per person

Pre-registration is REQUIRED

This class will have to be limited to 10 students.

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