Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring 

                       Pod Sauna Red Light Therapy

This Sauna combines convection Dry Heat with Far Infra-red and Red light Led therapy in a powerful vortex.
It provides greater wellness results in a shorter time session, which is great for users.
The wellness benefits of this particular sauna include relaxation, stress relief, perspiration, cleansing, increased metabolism, circulation, calorie burn, weight management and associated weight loss, flexibility and more. Enjoy physical fitness and wellness sessions for 30 minutes.
Enjoy weight & inch loss, calorie burning, body firming and muscle toning all in one 30 minute session.

Benefits of Using this device:
Lose 2-6 lbs per session
Burns Fat & Calories- 200-600 per session
Firms & Tones Muscles
Increases Energy & Endurance
Rejuvenates the Skin
Relieves Aches and Pains
Boosts Mental Acuity
Reduces Stress
Detoxes & Purifies

Red Light Therapy Has Been Shown To Help:
Soft Tissue Injuries
Sports Injuries
Head, Face & Mouth Pain
Chronic and Acute Pain
Depression and Anxiety
Nerve problems of all types
Sinus problems and Headaches
Muscle Pain & Trigger Points
Degenerative Disc Conditions
Strokes & Other Brain Injuries
Side Effects of Chemotherapy

A 30 minute session is $45
A Weight Loss Natural Detox session is 45 minutes for $60
Packages: 10 sessions at 30 minutes each for $340
Weight Loss Natural Detox Package 12 sessions at 45 minutes each  for $620, including 2 suits, and a cream for each use to help assist in healing and weight loss.