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Join Heather Dexter and Perennial Wellness. Heather, ND (naturopathic doctor) will be presenting a class on Eating Right for Your Blood Type.


It will be a 1 hour class on Monday, November 7 @ 7 pm explaining the history, theory and importance of following a blood type diet. Many people have asked for a class on this topic in order to better understand it for themselves and for their families.


Included in this class will be packets of foods that are specific to your blood type showing beneficial, avoidance or neutrality in affecting your overall health. Heather will also have a few blood typing kits available for purchase if you are unsure of your blood type and wish to find out on the spot.


Please prepay and RSVP to Melissa with your BLOOD TYPE in order for Heather to print off enough materials for each type, A, B, O or AB.


The class is $16 pre-registration is REQUIRED.


You may send payment:


The kits are $16 (pay for kits the day of).


Monday, November 7 @ 7 pm

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