Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring 

                                                           Melissa Williams

                                                               LMT, CNHP


Since 2009 Melissa has been a massage therapist. She received her certificate as a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2011. With her love for learning she has received certification in Manual lymph Drainage, Reflexology, Cupping, Facial Cupping, Hot Stone modalities, Hanna Kroger and many more techniques to equip her for a well rounded approach to tackle your issue.

Owning and operating Perennial Wellness Melissa takes time and care for each person honoring and respecting their needs and concerns. In doing so her clients leave balanced and without pain, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

She customizes the massage to your need and desired outcome while recommending tips to help you physically and emotionally.

                                                           Carol Corbiere

                                   Homeopathic Practitioner, Acupuncturist 

Carol is a Homeopathic Practitioner specializing in Auricular Acupuncture. Carol undertook 6 years training at The British Homeopathic Hospital in London, England. 

Carol has gained a deeper understanding of homeopathy and an amazing grasp on each remedy and its course of action with each individual or animal. She promotes that there are alternatives to Pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects. Carol works at a much deeper level as to the cause of the disease and a safer way to treat these.

                                                           Karen Hudson

                                     CranioSacral Practitioner, Reflexologist

Karen has been a body worker since 2003. With her extensive training in Kroger Technique, Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology of the hands, feet and ears and Meridian Reflexology of the Posterior Spine, you will surely feel calm and balanced after a session. 

                                                          Ruthie Lakatos

                 Reflexologist, Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner, Ionic Foot Bath Specialist

There is nothing I love more than to help people feel better.  I love the fact that I have a person's whole body in my hands when I do a Reflexology session.  I still can't believe that I get to do something that I love so much, and totally believe in for a living.  I have been fascinated with the human body and how it works for many years now.  It is amazing to me that someone can manipulate the body so that it repairs it's self.